Procegence + P&ID: Providing Tailored Solutions for Industry-Specific Challenges

Perlmutter & Idea Development (P&ID) and Procegence work collaboratively to provide customized solutions to the chemical, food, pharma and biopharma industries. Our combined service portfolio enables companies to adopt new emerging technologies, optimize their process, products, and equipment, reduce operation cost, and improve yield. We cover a diverse range of unit operations and processes/products on reaction, crystallization, filtration, washing and drying, particle processing, and end-to-end processes. We have a flexible and client-oriented approach for providing tailored solutions for specific challenges. Our goal is to foster the knowledge-based process development Quality by Design (QbD) approach by consulting, training, and contract modeling.

About Perlmutter & Idea Development (P&ID):

Perlmutter & Idea Development (P&ID) assists with process and project development from reactions/mixing to filtration/cake washing/dewatering to final “bone-dry” powder. P&ID’s clients include startups and established chemical, pharmaceutical, energy, and engineering companies. The expertise covers a wide range of support through industry leaders in specific fields. If you are a supplier to the industrial community, our innovative, growth mindset can help you disrupt your market and achieve competitive advantages in new markets and new applications worldwide. With several decades of technical expertise and business experience, we bring innovative thinking, good questions, and active listening to every client engagement. P&ID recognizes it’s important to review facts and data and analyze decisions both at the plant or in the office. But we also value gathering inspiration from many sources before proceeding with definite actions. You may be ready for change, but your environment is changing more rapidly. We support your agility and flexibility with the know-how you need.

About Procegence:

Procegence provides on-demand modeling and simulation services for the bio/pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries for process development and optimization. The Simulation-as-a-Service model empowers bio/pharmaceutical, CDMOs, CMOs, fine and specialty chemical, and vendors to reduce time to market, increase R&D efficiency, reduce R&D spending, and implement advanced manufacturing.

Our diverse modeling and simulation tools (multi-scale, multiphysics, and multi-domain) and capabilities cover the entire lifecycle of a product as well as process development. To support companies on their road towards digital process development, Procegence offers comprehensive services for equipment sizing and characterization, scale-up, process development and integration, steady state and dynamic modeling, process control strategies development, risk analysis, developing multi-dimensional virtual DoEs, and CMC packages.

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