We accelerate process development, scale-up, and technology transfer using predictive modeling and simulation solutions. The bio/pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries use our Simulation-as-a-Service platform to accelerate time-to-market, increase R&D efficiency, mitigate risks, and to capitalize on the value of Digital Twin.

Process Development

Use digital sandbox and virtual multidimensional DoE to reduce time and cost with modeling and simulation.

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Scale-up and Technology Transfer

Mitigate risk, increase efficiency, and find optimum manufacturing conditions with modeling and simulation.

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Digital Twin

Optimize equipment and processes, improve quality and yield, predict faults, and efficiently handle disturbances by Digital Twin.

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Implement QbD approach, define optimum design space, and develop control strategies for CMC package by mechanistic modeling.

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Knowledge Management

Develop predictive and interactive material-process-product maps, utilize scenario based case studies, and crystallize process knowledge for enterprise level and external stakeholders interaction.

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Advanced Manufacturing

Rejuvenate your process, step up your manufacturing, increase efficiency, and create a competitive edge by deploying innovative approaches and adopt advanced manufacturing.

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Procegence brings the power of process intelligence to our customers through emerging technology consulting and Simulation-as-a-Service.
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