About Us


Empowering clients to leverage the power of modeling and simulation for faster time to market, reduced process development costs, and enhanced quality of product.


Smart process development enabling faster, cheaper, and more efficient work-flow.


We use mechanistic modeling and diverse simulation tools to develop digital twins. The platforms are utilized for predicting the performance of processes and products to reduce experimental work and lab activities for process development, scale-up, and technology transfer.

Our Story (The Procegence Way)

At Procegence, we’ve developed a smarter approach to process development and scale-up. Traditionally, the trial and error approach has been employed by companies across the globe. This strategy involves blindly doing experimental work and is time-consuming, expensive, and inefficient. Instead, we believe in process development and scale-up by harnessing the power of knowledge and mechanistic modeling.

The future is driven by digital tools like modeling and simulation. And while these tools have been effectively utilized in the aerospace and semiconductor industries for years, the bio/pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries have yet to utilize them. Our knowledge-based mechanistic modeling and simulation provides predictive tools to enable companies in these industries to not only reduce time and cost, but to improve quality, yield, and robustness.

Do you wish there was a better and faster way to reduce the time and cost of process development, but can’t afford to maintain an in-house modeling team or provide computational resources? Procegence can help. We provide purpose-driven on-demand simulation at the highest quality and fastest speed, so that you can focus on your core mission. Our expert team with diverse backgrounds and expertise combined with our rich software toolbox is ready to empower you to optimize your workflow.


We provide purpose driven on-demand simulation at highest quality and fast speed, so you can focus on your core mission.


Work smarter, not harder. That is a no brainer!


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