Procegence + Oriento: Solving Problems with Collective Expertise

Oriento and Procegence work collaboratively to provide customized solutions and advanced manufacturing techniques to the pharma and biopharma industries. Their combined service portfolio enables companies to adopt new emerging technologies, optimize their process, products, and equipment, reduce operation cost, and improve yield. Our joint international clients receive continuous support along the lifecycle of projects, and by deploying the knowledge support and modeling and simulation services, they bring a product to market faster and in a more efficient way. We have a flexible and client-oriented approach for providing tailored solutions for specific challenges. Our goal is to foster the knowledge-based process development Quality by Design (QbD) approach by consulting, training, and contract modeling.

About Oriento:

Oriento provides custom consultancy services in the life sciences market, enabling companies to achieve successful corporate and business development, always driven by innovative technologies. Oriento has a special focus on life sciences third party manufacturing operations businesses as Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs) both in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Finished Dosage Forms (FDFs) fields.

Some of the services Oriento offers are:

  • Manufacturing Strategy and Operations, providing strategic advice and guidance on the stages and costs of Small Molecules drug development
  • Outsourcing Support, identifying, evaluating, selecting, and managing contract manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) for all CMC tasks
  • Project Integration, integrating development activities with manufacturing processes, partnering with clients and CDMOs to form an integrated CMC team

About Procegence:

Procegence provides on-demand modeling and simulation services for the bio/pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries for process development and optimization. The Simulation-as-a-Service model empowers bio/pharmaceutical, CDMOs, CMOs, fine and specialty chemical, and vendors to reduce time to market, increase R&D efficiency, reduce R&D spending, and implement advanced manufacturing.

Our diverse modeling and simulation tools (multi-scale, multiphysics, and multi-domain) and capabilities cover the entire lifecycle of a product as well as process development. To support companies on their road towards digital process development, Procegence offers comprehensive services for equipment sizing and characterization, scale-up, process development and integration, steady state and dynamic modeling, process control strategies development, risk analysis, developing multi-dimensional virtual DoEs, and CMC packages.

For More Information:

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